When it comes to the world around us, is there any choice but to explore?

-Lisa Randall


Welcome to my contact page here on TAY. You can call me Spatialwarp, Spatial, or Victor (what with that last one being my name and all). I am, as you may have guessed, a scientist (PhD in physics), all around science fiction geek, and of course a love of video games. I tend to gravitate (pun intended) to exploration/adventure games, and I always love a good Metroidvania.

I'm just getting into the TAY community; for now my writing efforts will be focused on the Why Doesn't This Game Exist? column.


Along with my girlfriend and partner-in-crime, I also run the Video Game Story Evaluator. We're both academics and analytically minded people, and feel this might be a useful perspective to bring to video game narratives. Got a video game story you're working on? Bring it on over to vgse.weebly.com and we'll help you sharpen it up.

Where else can you find me? My steam ID is also spatialwarp. I used to be active on tumblr, but had to sacrifice that in the name of general productivity. You can go to spatialwarp.tumblr.com if you feel like reading old posts.

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